Thursday, May 24, 2012

oh my prince

oh my prince
did u much i love u????
but not now la..coming soon
did u know until today, i dont have any special boyfrendz
did u know i be waiting for u????
oh my prince
actually i dont know whO u are?
where u from.???
but one day we will meet
but now,let me learn n learn how to be a good princess to u
today i wanna study..
i want to repay jasa mak abah
i want to free before i will be ur princess
oh my prince
did u know...
i was admire to afgan????
hahaha..i hope i not make u mad...

oh my prince...
i wanna study first..
coz i love to study
i hope u understand
i just simple girl
who cannot make up..
very simple simple person..
n i think i'm the one in this world like that
u must thankfull to ALLAH
oh my prince
coz of that, u dont have spend much money to me..keh3

oh my prince

i want to say
i love  u coz ALLAH
one day insya'ALLAH

oh my prince
gudbye..see u later