Tuesday, November 12, 2013

when the tears fall

assalamualaikum wbt
to readers
especially who know cik noratika
mesti tahu kan..what happen to me
about my feeling
ok,dah lame giler aku x meluah perasaan kat laman sesawang
mmg dh bersawang belog aku tu

when the tears fall
this is about my feeling towards someone who broke my heart without my permission
he is a bad bad bad..n so bla bla bla
so i cry for the many times
tell to my sis n buddyz
tell to my first love is ALLAH
n i'm feel cool but..i still cant forget everything about him
oh..please far away from my mind
i'm very tired of this problem
it make me so damn
i'm try to hard but failed
n my tears fall
n after that..it will be ok
just tears..

k..no more tears after this for the MSI..who broke my heart
that's all