Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please explain why do you want to teach English language to young learner?

Children new to English are in the company of peers with a 4-5 year advantage (Hutchinson, Whiteley, Smith & Connors, 2003; Nelson et al., 2005). It may take 2-3 years to acquire communicative language with peers and another 5-7 years for proficiency with academic English (Cummins, 1984; Hakuta, Butler & Witt, 2000; Genesee, Lindholm-Leary, Saunders & Christian, 2005). Most young children are not adept at ―filling in the blanks when messages are incomplete or ambiguous (McFadden & Pittman, 2008; Skarakis-Doyle & Dempsey, 2008; Soli & Sullivan, 1997; Stelmachowicz, Hoover, Lewis, Kortekaas & Pittman, 2000). Even seemingly simple academic tasks, such as listening to a story, require focused, persistent meaning-making efforts (Field, 2001; Gallas, 1994; Gallas, 1997; Lund, 1991; Lundsteen, 1993; Morley, 1991; Vandergrift, 2006). If story sharing is made more interactive then listening can be improved (Cabrera & Martinez, 2001).

I want to teach English language to young learner because I want to all students understand and an excellent use English language. Young learner should learn English language to make them understand when communicate with other people from oversea. They can use English to communicate with them. The children who like to use English language can gain their IQ. Furthermore, the children from educated parents more advantage than non educated parents because the educated parents use English language when communicate with their children difference non educated they always use market language and can cause the children confuse to use language. Children should learn English language because English is an international language. English language use at all country include Malaysia. So, children in Malaysia should understand and learn English language very well.

Beside that, I want to teach English language because it an interesting to teach Malay children who uncommon use English language in their daily life at home. Furthermore, I also want to improve my English language like the way teach them how to speaking, listening , writing , and reading in English. Beside that, I want to teach them English because the age they are suitable to learn English language as a second language. They must learn English language as a second language at Malaysia because when they are become a teenagers at secondary school, they must master in a second language. Not like me, learn English language from kindergarten until now, but still cannot speak ,write , listen, and reading very well. By the way, I don’t want the children become like me. So, I want to teach them until they can master in English language.

As a conclusion, we as a teacher must strong and master in English language as a second language at Malaysia. It is because when we don’t understand and not master in English, we cannot be a good teacher for children who a new want to learn English as a second language. However, we also can learn during teach them because an experience it’s good to be somebody mature.